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About us

I Love My Job

I enjoy engraving rocks so much that it is awkward to actually call it my job. But it is that, too. I suppose that makes me one of the lucky ones, someone who enjoys work and doesn't wake up dreading to put on a jacket and tie, fight the traffic, or sweat over my upcoming performance review. I added an above-ground basement to my home because I hate to commute, unless it is to search for rocks (which I love to do) or to go to the post office to send the finished products to my customers.

The Flood of '09

My man-cave consists of a desk and computer, and a gas heater for those chilly days down in the dungeon. I have a large compressor with an air hose that runs up from the compressor, across the ceiling and down into the back of my sandblasting cabinet. Next to that is an exposure unit which exposes the film, and a utility sink and pressure washer to wash out the film before adhering it to the rock to be sandblasted. The only time I have come close to regretting my decision to add this basement was after a Spring thaw and heavy rain that flooded my Utopia. I had hoped that I was dreaming but stepping into three inches of cold water made me realize that I was indeed awake. After sucking out all the water, I had to dig through six inches of concrete and rebar to but in a 55-gallon drum and sump pump that will pump the water into the street before flooding my basement.. theoretically.

Whatever it Takes

Oh, and I have a couch, just in case I get tired and feel the need to take a short nap in the middle of the day.  And a television set. But I do have to go upstairs to use the refrigerator, microwave or bathroom. So I am not totally self-sufficient down here. A pool table would be nice but then I wouldn't have room for my tools and hundreds of rocks I store down here.

I am rather obsessive about my work, both the quality of the finished engraving and the time it takes to get the rock out. I have no set hours so I can work early in the morning or late at night or on weekends to get a job out on time. The bottom line is, I do whatever it takes to get out a quality product in a timely fashion!

The Ordering Process

Most people prefer to go through the rock ordering process online. I tried to make it as user-friendly as possible for that purpose. However, some people would rather call me for a little creative input. I am always happy to do that, too. I don't have a secretary, unfortunately, so if you call and I don't answer, you will get the message that states that I am probably making too much noise to hear the phone, which is true. The noise of the compressor and the sandblasting unit sometimes drowns out the phone. But I am quick to return calls and emails, another annoying obsession of mine.

So there you have it. Not so much an About Us page as an About Me page. I look forward to working with you on your engraved rock!


2169 39th Street
Washougal, WA 98671