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Wholesale Engraved Stones and Rocks

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Chinese Symbols garden rocks

These rocks are perfect for logos, garden markers, Chinese symbols, affirmations, paperweights and just about anything else you can imagine engraved in stone. The rocks used for most wholesale projects range between 3 to 5 inches in the salmon-colored rocks. Prices vary, depending on the size, quantity and complexity of design. I would love to speak with you personally to get a better understanding of your desired use for your engraved stone project.

Engraved rock business logos

The quality of the stone engraving is exceptional. I carve deeply as possible in relation to the size of your design and the size of the rock. These rocks are a beautiful salmon color and the engraved portion is painted with a black enamel so that the contrast stands out, even from a distance.

Every engraved stone is unique in shape. Use your imagination to come up with an idea that could benefit your cause, company, or special occasion. Priority insured mail is always included in the price, and I don't add any tax or miscellaneous charges. Just because my engraved rocks are discounted, don't think that I cut any corners when engraving your rocks. No matter the size of the engraved rock or the size of your budget, the same utmost care and attention to detail will be taken for your engraved stone project. Call me now to get ideas and prices for your unique purpose.


Engraved memorial stones
Three hundred engraved rocks like the ones seen to your left were used for a large memorial service. Each person was given one to leave in destinations around the world.

Larger wholesale engraved stones, such as granite engraved plaques are used by veterinarians as a service to their customers who are mourning the loss of their pet.

A few of the types of businesses that carry engraved stone products are advertising specialties, gift shops, plant nurseries and landscaping services and supplies. Garden shops may want to consider larger engraved rocks for their customers who need large engraved rock displays in their landscaped yards and gardens.



I work with clients across the US including Memphis, TN; Indianapolis, IN; Austin, TX; Columbus, OH; Jacksonville, FL; Philadelphia, PA; San Diego, CA; New York, NY; Houston, TX; Phoenix, AZ; Dallas, TX; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; San Jose, CA and Chicago, IL. Whether you are looking for a ton of wholesale engraved stones or a single garden stone for your own yard, please don't hesitate to give me a call!


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