Ancient Engraving

Jan 14, 2015 | News


So, for how long do you suppose that mankind has been engraving rock? We are all familiar with the Stone Age images (and Flintstones cartoon) depicting caveman chipping away at rock. I found myself pondering the answer to that question the other day as I was getting the daily orders ready for shipment.

Thankfully, the methodology for engraving stone has advanced quite a bit since those earliest days, but it is really fascinating when one considers just how long the craft stone and rock engraving has been evolving. According to what I could find out on the web, Chinese archaeologists discovered a stunning 30,000 year-old engraved stone artifact in a collection of stone tools unearthed at the Paleolithic site of Shuidonggou in the 1980’s. The site is one of the earliest sites found in China belonging to the Paleolithic Age with some artifacts dating as far back as 400,000 years ago.

It seems only natural in my mind why mankind has been at this activity for so long. Perhaps there is nothing more permanent, or anything that has such longevity here on earth as stone, making it a perfect medium to carry a message for the ages. Reportedly, even God chose stone tablets for the 10 commandments to be documented and shared by Moses with his people. The earthliness of stone and the permanence of engraving is partially what drew our attention to the craft. The opportunity to take something so beautiful in nature, and transform it into something artistic, with meaning and creating a keepsake for the ages is something we never tire from. Who knows, perhaps in another 30,000 years some archaeologist somewhere just might uncover one of our pieces of work and marvel at our antiquated ways of carving stone. I just hope they don’t call our phone number to get the scoop on how it’s done; as we plan to be well retired by then!

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