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2 majasgarden 5 12 pic 600

It looks great Bob! Thanks so much!

2 loveis 5 12 pic 600

The rock got here just in time and she loves it! Thanks for a great job and caring so much!

2 love laugh 600

“Wow!” All rocks arrived in perfect condition. The river rocks are incredibly beautiful…in shape, style, engraving! You obviously love your work and care about your creations. I’m sure the pocket rocks will be appreciated by all.

2 lloyd 1211 sm 600

Got the rock, it looks great. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas.

2 littlefield 2 12 sm 600

I am beyond thrilled with this beautiful addition to our back yard! Thank YOU 🙂

2 kk 1211 sm 600

I love it! Thanks just doesn’t cut it! I sincerely appreciate your art and your patience with me. This will bring much joy and happiness to not only my dad but the rest of my family as well.

2 kindness 1211 sm 600

Got my rocks today! They look beautiful, Bob. The engraving looks great… Your feedback and service was the best.

2 keeseville1 6 12 pic 600

The rocks look fantastic. The rocks you did for us made for a nice “final piece” of the garden…thanks again for taking such pride in your work!!!

2 karla 3 12 sm 600

Thank you very much its perfect!

2 kalata 2 12 sm 600

The rock looks beautiful! Thank you for your craftsmanship and quick turnaround time.

2 joanie 3 12 sm 600

It is so wonderful to find someone who cares about their work and follows through. Our Celebration of Life Rock is more beautiful than we had hoped.

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2 izzy 8 11 sm 600

It’s really beautiful!!!!! I found your web-site very interesting and informative. Thanks so much for everything.

2 inspire 6 12 pic 600

Thank you so much. These are great.

2 inspiration 4 12 sm 600

Beautiful! I love it! Thanks so much!

2 imagine 8 11 600

The president loved them. Thank you so much.

2 hunter 11 11 sm 600

Wow! that turned out really nice. Thank you so much. I know that everyone will be so touched by this. Thanks for getting it done so quickly and working with me on the design.

2 hope 1 12 sm 600

I love it! Thank you so much. It will mean so much! You’re extremely talented!

2 hickok 1 12 sm 600

It looks absolutely beautiful. Thanks again.

2 hellicksonsm 8 11 600

Thanks so much. It looks beautiful. I appreciate your fast, efficient and quality service!

2 heidi 6 12 pic 600

Thank you, it looks wonderful. Thank you for getting it done so quickly!

2 healed 600

I received my rock today! It looks great and your service is awesome. Thank you.

2 harper 1211 sm 600

It turned out great! Thanks so much.

2 hanna 1211 sm 600

I love it!! I know my friend will love it also. Thank you for taking such care to make this so special for her.

2 groundspeak3 8 11 sm 600

hey look WONDERFUL! Thank you again so much for the rush and for working on these this weekend.

2 grampa 3 12 sm 600

The family loved the rocks and thought they were very appropriate.

2 gloria 12 11 sm 600

Oh Bob thank you so much, it’s beautiful.

2 gene 6 12 pic 600

I really like it. Thanks, we look forward to putting it in our garden.