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2 gaynors 5 12 pic 600

Very cool Bob, looks great! Thanks a million…can’t wait to see our parents reaction.

2 gardensoldier 4 12 sm 600

Received the rocks… They look great! Thank you!

2 franny 2 12 sm 600

It is beautiful!!! I can’t tell you how grateful I am or how astounded I am by your turn around! Please use me for any recommendations that people might ask for…

2 fitzgerald 2 12 sm 600

It looks beautiful thank you so much.

2 eveline 6 12 pic 600

Awesome! You are the BAUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, Bob 🙂

2 evansgarden 4 12 sm 600

It looks AMAZING! Thanks so much Bob.

2 enjoylife 4 12 sm 600

That looks great, Bob. Thanks for getting to it so quickly.

2 eilert 4 12 sm 600

That was quick! Thank you so much and it’s beautiful! It looks perfect in my sister-in-laws flower garden.

2 duane 3 12 sm 600

Looks great I sure she will love it. Thank you.

2 dreams 8 11 sm 600

It looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy I found your website. I showed my brother and he said “I don’t even need a rock but looking at all the photos makes me want to order a rock!”

2 donaldjacob 2 12 sm 600

Beautiful! Absolutely perfect, Bob.

2 don 1 12 sm 600

Thank you so much the rock is perfect.

2 edithjoan 4 12 sm 600

The stone is more beautiful than I could have imagined. Thank you so much again for such a lovely carving.

2 dodie 4 12 sm 600

I love it! Thank you for doing such a good job and I am thrilled it arrived so soon.

2 doc 10 11 sm 600

It’s a piece of art, Bob. I am so pleased, and it’s just so perfect. My many thanks for doing such a superb job. You made the entire process flawless…

2 dad 4 12 sm 600

PERFECT!!! Thank You! He finally admitted it only 8 weeks ago but he finally admitted it!!!!

2 courtyard 8 11 sm 600

It is beautiful! You did a GREAT job!

2 claire 6 12 pic 600

We got them and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! I will be calling to order more very soon!! Thank you!!

2 christina 11 11 sm 600

It’s beautiful thank you very much!

2 corpore 3 12 sm 600

Got the rock and it looks fabulous! Thanks so much for your great service. I will definitely recommend you 🙂

2 children 5 12 pic 600

It is BEAUTIFUL! It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I will absolutely pass your web page to friends, family, and staff for gift ideas or memorial stones.

2 celticcross 4 12 sm 600

I am very pleased; it looks beautiful!

2 cardinal football 3 12 sm 600

Just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with designs and speedy service. It really makes a difference to add that personal touch in remembrance of our son at the cemetery.

2 capehatteras 10 11 sm 600

Thank you again for everything. I will most certainly visit your site again if I find myself in the need of another rock, and I will refer anyone and everyone your way.

2 butch 1 12 sm 600

The engraved stone arrived yesterday. It is just perfect, and I want to thank you so much for your service, and for the efforts put in to making this such a good experience.

2 bigrod 1211 sm 600

We got the rock today. It is perfect, thank you very much and thanks for doing it so quickly! He is going to love it!!!

2 baker 11 11 sm 600

OH WOW !!!!! we received the stone on Friday and it is absolutely beautiful…just perfect.

2 buddyholly 3 12 sm 600

Bob, they’re gorgeous.