Engraved Granite Rock Examples


The granite slab we choose for your engraved stone is a minimum of 3 cm or approximately 1.25 inches thick. Depending upon the grain of the stone we may also reinforce the slab with fiberglass webbing on the backside to prevent chipping or cracking especially with rough handling during shipment. We hand select lighter colors of granite stone to accentuate engraving and enhance legibility. Granite stones generally allow for more words to be engraved as opposed to river rocks due to the larger and flatter surface area and is the best choice in this case.


We cut the granite to the proper size, crop the corners and then either hand-chisel or chamfer the edges depending upon the grain of the stone. Some types of granite do not chisel well, and in this case, we chamfer the edge for a more traditional look as opposed to the more natural look with hand chiseling. Let us know what you prefer and will do our best to accommodate.


You can see some examples of the engraved granite stones below. Because granite has the large canvas to work with, some people choose to engrave quotes or short poems. You are always welcome to request engraved graphics on your granite stone too. As always, simplicity is best for the deepest and best quality of engraving, so we generally recommend the following for word count:

  • Large Granite Stone = 30 word maximum + graphic
  • Medium Granite Stone = 25 word maximum + graphic
  • Small Granite Stone = 20 word maximum + graphic
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