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Engraved Granite Rock Examples


TestimonialThe granite slab we choose for your engraved stone will not be tile. Our granite stones are approximately an inch thick, with the largest ones weighing about 15 pounds. Tiles are typically only a quarter inch thick, weighing less than a pound, and can be fragile. We select lighter colors of granite rock or stone to make sure your will be a uniquely beautiful and engraving legible.  The finish is a smooth, matte texture, not glossy like a counter top.


We cut the granite to the proper size, hand-chisel around the edges and then use a grinder to smooth out the rougher edges and give it more contour. What people remark is that the finished look is not like a typical memorial, rather more of an artistic expression that tends to give it a less solemn feeling.


You can see some examples of the engraved granite stones below. Because granite has the large canvas to work with, some people choose to engrave quotes or poems. You are always welcome to request engraved graphics on your granite. There is no additional charge for that.

Please let us know if you have a pressing deadline. We usually send the engraved rocks within three days.

Examples of Engraved Granite Stone (Click for Larger View):