How much does an engraved rock cost?

Do you provide proofs before you start engraving the stone?

Absolutely! Proofs are usually sent the same day.  We start working on the layout and design shortly after the order is received. You can give us a thumbs-up or offer any changes or suggestions. For simple requests, such as a few words in a particular font, sometimes we just go ahead without a proof unless it is specifically asked for. Don’t ever feel like you are imposing on us to make sure your rock or stone is ust the way you want it. This will be an engraved gift, memorial or garden stone that will last a lifetime, so we want you to be 100% pleased with it.

Am I limited to a certain number of words for engraving?

Generally not, but the number of words will sometimes dictate what size stone or rock will work best.  Too many words and\or graphics can appear too busy and not very pleasing to the eye.  As a general guideline about 30 words maximum for a large stone, 20 words maximum for a medium stone and 10 words maximum for a small stone is about right.  The lettering and graphics have to be large enough to ensure engraving quality.   The design process is interactive between you and us, so we will let you know immediately if there is an issue with the proposed wording or graphics.

Are your engraved rocks man-made or natural?

All of the rocks and stones we engrave are natural. They are not molds filled with concrete or resin or other man-made materials.  Our river rock is selected personally from quarries in Montana, and our granite stone is sourced in Idaho and Washington.

How long does it take for you to finish my engraved rock once I place the order?

We usually finish your rock or stone within 3 days. Please let us know if you are up against a pressing deadline.

Other engraved rock sites often take weeks to engrave a rock. Do you take shortcuts?

We can assure you, we take no shortcuts. While rock and stone engraving is somewhat labor intensive, none of us are procrastinators or like to see orders build up.  Also, this is a  business and not simply a hobby we do in our spare time. Our workshop is set up in an way that we can move efficiently from one step to the other and process your order in a timely manner.

How do you ship the engraved rocks?

We send all our catalog items by Priority Mail. That used to be impossible before the Post Office came up with their Flat-Rate postage. This allows us to include shipping in the listed prices without calculating weight and distance. Larger or custom project may require special packaging and shipping.

What kind of paint do you use on the engraved letters?

We first use a black enamel paint on the engraved portion of the stone or rock. The engraved portion has “bite” to it, which helps to permanently bond the paint. When that first coat dries, a second coat is applied to insure good image and lettering coverage.  When that dries, we put on clear coat of hi-tech Lithichrome sealer that will hold up in any kind of weather.

How do I choose a graphic to be engraved?

On the top menu, you can click on the Graphics Library. There are so many possible graphics we could never hope to display everything, you should be able to find something there or get an idea as to what you would like. In the “Comments or Special Instructions” box in the order section, you can write your request there. We will find an appropriate graphic for you. When you get your proof from us, you can approve it or have us go back to the drawing board.  We don’t mind at all as long as you being 100% satisfied is the end result!

What is included in your listed prices?

Everything! This includes the stone or rock, the design, the engraving and the shipping. No added tax, although we do have to pay out of pocket for Washington State residents. You want a graphic? That’s included. Hard putting your thoughts into a few words? If we can fit it without making the letters too small, that’s okay.

What is the best way to contact you?

We have tried to make the website as user-friendly as possible. When you place an order online, it is well-organized so that we both have a clear record. If you have questions, feel free to use the contact form on the Contact page, or email us at Sales@Engraved-Rock.com or call at 509-715-0630.  We usually answer the phone unless our grinder or sandblaster is making too much noise. We return calls quickly.  This is not much of a 9 to 5 business, and you can generally reach us just about anytime…if not simply leave a message and we will get back to you promptly.

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