Memorial Rocks for Garden

Memorials carved into rock and stone are one of the oldest forms of honoring loved ones. Let us help you create a lasting memory to your loved one.

Garden Memorial Rock Plaques

Vegas Strong Engraved Rocks Memorial

Vegas Strong Memorial

Granite memorial plaques can be displayed on a stand in one’s home but are usually placed in a yard in a peaceful, garden setting. A few examples of personalized memorial stones are shown here. Granite is the most popular memorial stone due to its strength and natural beauty. Other favorite memorial stones to be engraved are cobblestone, river rock or basalt. Many people leave the choice up to us and we are always available for assistance when needed.

Bereavement Verses

Choosing the right words on a memorial rock for a loved one forces you to find the essence of that person’s greatest qualities and to state them concisely. Many people will use the departed’s favorite Bible verse, line from a poem, or a saying identified as the philosophy by which he or she lived. One loving daughter came up with the idea of a large memorial stone to her Dad with several smaller stones, each stating one of his awesome qualities. Her wonderful idea is shown here.

Sympathy Gifts

Nothing compares with the grief surrounding the death of a loved one. If you are deciding upon a sympathy gift for someone who has lost a loved one, it is always wise to the consult that person regarding the exact wording they would like to have engraved on their personalized memorial stone. A group leader of a congregation will often get involved in this process, which it is always greatly appreciated and warmly received by the bereaved. Everyone has an idea what they would like to see engraved on a memorial rock but the final decision should always be left up to the recipient on a matter this intimate.

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