Pet Memorial Stones & Pet Grave Markers

Our pets are an important part of our family. Personalized pet memorial stones help us to remember the joy our pets brought into our lives. Use as a pet grave marker to capture the memories of your faithful companion. 

Pet Memorial Stones & Pet Grave Markers

Perhaps there is nothing more rewarding here at Engraved-Rock than creating high quality memorial rocks for pets, pet garden stones or personalized pet gravestones. It is truly a pleasure to see the comfort each pet memorial brings to our customers at a time of such critical and personal loss. A pet memorial stone is a highly suitable means to commemorate the life of such a treasured companion, as well as provide comfort to the grieving.

pet memorial grave stones engraved for dog

We have found from experience there is something enduring and healing about capturing your thoughts and memories of your loved pet in stone. While we cannot replace your companion, we do our absolute best to create a memorial rock for your pet that will kindle fond memories each and every time it is viewed. Our Montana river rock and granite stone offer many suitable choices for your pet memorial rock or pet grave marker and is readily available in stock for personalization. With each pet gravestone order, we know how important it is to get your pet memorial in a timely manner and typically fill orders within two to three days from receipt.

We have done pet memorials and pet garden stones for birds, fish, horses, and of course gravestones for dogs and cats that come to recent memory. While every project is unique and personalized one in particular comes to mind for a horse named Fortune. We don’t know the details of Fortune’s passing, but do know how much he was treasured and it was our pleasure to engrave such a magnificent pet memorial rock (see photo below). Collectively, his handlers, and friends where he was stabled contributed to the purchase of the stone and gifted it to Fortunes’ owner. It remains on prominent display at the stable as a constant reminder of the horse that “left hoof prints on so many hearts”.

Also showcased on this site is a small sampling of other pet memorials that we have created over the years. We are capable of creating something similar or a personalized pet headstone if preferred. Our aim is to properly memorialize your pet and leave a lasting pet memorial stone that is treasured for a lifetime and perhaps beyond. Please feel free to call us or email if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for as we are always available help.

Fortune Memorial Grave Stone

Pictures of Dogs to be Engraved

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