Season of Renewal

Mar 12, 2015 | Rock collecting

Season of Renewal

As the drab days of winter draw to a close and the promise of spring lurks just around the corner the season of renewal is upon us. For us here at Engraved Rock we embrace the season in many ways.

Just like the squirrel stores Squirrelnuts for winter consumption, we store rock for the same purpose. The stones gathered from quarries in the fall have to last us through the winter as traveling over mountain passes, or digging thru snow to find stones can be nearly impossible during the winter months. Spring time means a trip to Montana to gather more river rock and to see the abundance of Mother Nature as streams surge, flowers bloom and snow gives way to gentle rain. The search for perfect engraving stones is ideal in these conditions. The work is hard, and the cool spring temperatures make the process easier. The gentle rain helps us find the most alluring river rock as wet conditions accentuates the colors and grain of stones.
For our customers, spring time is also a time for renewal as many return to their gardens, yards or landscapes. Garden stone orders naturally pick up during this time of year. One very unique idea a customer had for marking rows in their vegetable garden was to engrave a stone with a graphics of onion, potato, carrot, corn, lettuce and cucumber. Others like engraved stepping stones that lead a pathway thru the garden without disturbing the precious soil. Still others enjoy biblical sayings or memorial stones scattered throughout flower beds for natural contrast and reflection in a beautiful setting. Our engraved river rock also makes a perfect choice for water features in the landscape such as ponds and/or waterfalls. Whatever the purpose, engraved memorial stones, garden stones, pet memorials, reflection stones or personalized river rock makes a perfect gift for the gardener in your family.

Spring also is a time for deep reflection on the promise of renewal. Culminated at Easter for many Christians, biblical stones or river rock are a very meaningful way to reinforce or state ones beliefs. Many find daily inspiration from such stones, and place them where they can be readily seen for continuous reinforcement and motivation. The simplicity of Psalms or biblical passages engraved in stone is a gift that endures the test of time and demonstrates the sense of permanence, importance and commitment.
We know many of you throughout the Country endured a very difficult and long winter this year, but the season of renewal is finally upon us. If we can be of any assistance with your garden, memorial or reflection stones it would be our pleasure to help celebrate the season.

Jeff Greene Rock Carver,

Jeff Greene
Rock Carver,

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