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Season of Renewal

Season of Renewal As the drab days of winter draw to a close and the promise of spring lurks just around the corner the season of renewal is upon us. For us here at Engraved Rock we embrace the season in many ways. Just like the squirrel stores nuts for winter consumption, we store rock […]


Ancient Engraving

So, for how long do you suppose that mankind has been engraving rock? We are all familiar with the Stone Age images (and Flintstones cartoon) depicting caveman chipping away at rock. I found myself pondering the answer to that question the other day as I was getting the daily orders ready for shipment. Thankfully, the […]


We have begun to Blog!

I am happy to say we finally bit the bullet and decided to start blogging.¬† Now the question is what will we blog about?¬† Let us share a few ideas we are thinking¬† about and you tell us what you would like to see. We intend on blogging about: Our favorite stone carvings for the […]